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Pravin Satpute has completed his executive MBA from IIM Kozhikode and Bachelor of Engineering in I.T from Mumbai University. He has been working in the field of internationalization for the past 10 years. He is working in all aspects of i18n i.e. Input, Storage and Display. His proposed characters for Kashmiri Devanagari are available in Unicode 6.0 standard. Pravin’s is the project lead for Lohit and Liberation fonts family. Lohit is an open source font for the Indian languages. It is used in the Open source distribution Fedora, Debian and Ubuntu. It is also used by Wikipedia as a webfont and some Lohit fonts were available in Android ICS. Liberation fonts are default in Open Office and LibreOffice.

Last 3 speaking engagements:
• FOSSASIA 2015 : "Glibc, Unicode and CLDR"
• FUEL GILT conference 2014 : Why globalization? - The world wide picture.
• IUC 38 Unicode Conference : Project for Creating Efficient, Effective, Standard and Reusable Open Type Tables for Complex Script fonts
• Fedora Contributor Conference 2014, Prague, Czech Republic: Evolution of IMEs for Indian Languages and Whats Next

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Red Hat


June 27, 2015, 10:50 am - 11:30 am
Nuts and Bolts of Fedora Internationalization, Globalization - Auditorium