FUDCon Pune 2015

Pune, 26th to 28th June, 2015


26th to 28th June, 2015 09:00 am - 06:00 pm

Website: FUDCon Pune 2015


MIT College of Engineering
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26th June 2015

9:00 am
Delivering Fedora for everything and everyone - Auditorium
10:00 am
Education Panel - Auditorium
Introduction to kdump and kernel crash analysis - D405 [4th Floor]
Introduction to Software Defined Storage - Ceph and GlusterFS - D406 [4th Floor]
10:50 am
Geo-Replication and Disaster Recovery : GlusterFS - D406 [4th Floor]
11:30 am
Efficient data maintenance in GlusterFS using Databases - D406 [4th Floor]
11:40 am
TBD - Auditorium
DNF - New Package Manager - Seminar Hall [4th Floor]
ABI Compatibility for Dummies - D203 [2nd Floor]
Workshop on UTRRS - D405 [4th Floor]
Automating Infrastructure by Foreman and Katello - D204 [2nd Floor]
12:10 pm
Deploying and Managing Gluster using OVirt - D406 [4th Floor]
12:30 pm
Open Security for Open Source! - Auditorium
Vagrant for Effective DevOps Culture - Seminar Hall [4th Floor]
spartakus: Fighting kernel ABI breakages through semantic processing of linux source code - D203 [2nd Floor]
Automated behave based UI testing - D204 [2nd Floor]
12:40 pm
Hyperconvergence with oVirt and GlusterFS - D406 [4th Floor]
1:10 pm
Lunch - Auditorium
2:00 pm
Lightning Talks - Auditorium
2:40 pm
What's New In Drupal 8? - Auditorium
Lessons learned from Bijra project - Seminar Hall [4th Floor]
Open Source Identity Management with FreeIPA - D203 [2nd Floor]
Development done responsively (FTW) - D405 [4th Floor]
Introduction to Ceph Calamari - D406 [4th Floor]
FUDCon APAC 2016 BoF - D205 [2nd Floor]
3:20 pm
Gluster for Hadoop workloads - D406 [4th Floor]
3:30 pm
Lessons from building open source communities top-down vs bottom-up - Auditorium
ExpEYES : Python Powered Open Source Portable Science Lab - Seminar Hall [4th Floor]
Linux-IO : Native scsi target implementation in linux kernel - D203 [2nd Floor]
4:00 pm
Introduction to GlusterFS and its features - D406 [4th Floor]
4:20 pm
Documentation: It's Important and Difficult - Auditorium
Android Development on Fedora 21 - Seminar Hall [4th Floor]
Introduction to networkd - D203 [2nd Floor]
5:10 pm
Whats Going On In A FOSS Project - Auditorium

27th June 2015

9:00 am
Present and Future of Fedora Workstation - Seminar Hall [4th Floor]
10:00 am
Kernel and Userspace Tracing with LTTng and Friends - Auditorium
Openstack on Fedora, Fedora on Openstack: An Introduction to cloud IaaS - Seminar Hall [4th Floor]
Haskell is good for you - D203 [2nd Floor]
Documentation in Open Source - D405 [4th Floor]
Barcamp Morning Session - D204 [2nd Floor]
Testing and Hacking Anaconda - A workshop - D205 [2nd Floor]
10:50 am
Nuts and Bolts of Fedora Internationalization, Globalization - Auditorium
Be Secure with SELinux Gyan - Seminar Hall [4th Floor]
UEFI & Secure Boot - D203 [2nd Floor]
Introduction to NOVA - D406 [4th Floor]
11:40 am
Wifi: From Basics to Internals - Auditorium
Of Trees and Sheriffs and Stars at Mozilla - Seminar Hall [4th Floor]
zRAM: Increased Performance in Android Linux - D203 [2nd Floor]
Compiling Linux Kernel & Submit first patch - D405 [4th Floor]
OpenStack Swift: A highly available, distributed object store. - D406 [4th Floor]
12:30 pm
Community Architecture - a different perspective - Auditorium
Fedmsg: The message bus of Fedora Infrastructure - Seminar Hall [4th Floor]
Introduction to nftables - D203 [2nd Floor]
OpenStack Storage Overview - D406 [4th Floor]
1:10 pm
Lunch - Auditorium
2:00 pm
Group Photo - Auditorium
2:40 pm
"Selling" Open Source 101 - Auditorium
Improving thread synchronization in GlusterD (Daemon for Glusterfs) using Userspace RCU (Read-copy-update) - Seminar Hall [4th Floor]
Python3 Code profiling using Line_profiler - D203 [2nd Floor]
From Zero to Hero in Kernel Module Development - D405 [4th Floor]
Introduction to SDN - D406 [4th Floor]
Barcamp Afternoon Session - D204 [2nd Floor]
Identity management FreeIPA workshop - D205 [2nd Floor]
3:30 pm
Running Project Atomic and Docker on Fedora - Auditorium
Getting Started with IOT development using Fedora on ARM - Seminar Hall [4th Floor]
Creating applications using PostgreSQL : Some interesting examples - D203 [2nd Floor]
Introduction to Openvswitch - D406 [4th Floor]
4:20 pm
Introduction to DNSSEC - F22 feature - Auditorium
Securing MongoDB In Cloud Infrastructure - Seminar Hall [4th Floor]
Storage issue troubleshooting from OS side - D203 [2nd Floor]
Introduction to CentOS Cloud SIG - D406 [4th Floor]
4:30 pm
Contributing to OpenStack 101 - D406 [4th Floor]
5:10 pm
Achieving Community Goals with Fedora - Auditorium

28th June 2015

10:00 am
Barcamp (Morning session) - Auditorium
Needles & Pins - Inkscape Workshop - Seminar Hall [4th Floor]
Docker Basics Workshop - D203 [2nd Floor]
Version Control, you git - D405 [4th Floor]
Android Humla - D406 [4th Floor]
ExpEYES : Python Powered Open Source Portable Science Lab - D204 [2nd Floor]
11:40 am
Blender Workshop - Seminar Hall [4th Floor]
Key Signing Party - D405 [4th Floor]
Flask 101: Getting started with Fedora Infra - D204 [2nd Floor]
11:50 am
Fedora Atomic - D203 [2nd Floor]
1:10 pm
Lunch - Auditorium
Lunch - D406 [4th Floor]
2:00 pm
Barcamp (Afternoon session) - Auditorium
Realistic Mockup in GIMP - Seminar Hall [4th Floor]
Hands-On Kubernetes - D203 [2nd Floor]
Android Humla (Afternoon session) - D406 [4th Floor]
Fedora APAC BoF - D205 [2nd Floor]
2:50 pm
AskFedora UX/UI & Functionality Overhaul - Seminar Hall [4th Floor]
3:10 pm
Orchestration of Docker containers using Openshift v3 and Kubernetes - D203 [2nd Floor]
4:00 pm
Open Discussion - D203 [2nd Floor]
4:30 pm
Closing Ceremony - Auditorium


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