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June 26, 2015, 2:40 pm

Lessons learned from Bijra project


Bijra High School is situated at the outskirt of the Steel City of Durgapur in
West Bengal. Most of the students hail from adjacent villages Bijra, Sovapur,
Dhabani and urban slums of Mahuabagan, Hazra Para, Nagarjun slum and J.C. Bose
slum. The Majority of the students are from under-privileged minority,
Scheduled Caste and Scheduled Tribe families. They are first generation
learners. The School was officially recognized in 1993.

During 2007, with the help from Mr. Indranil Dasgupta from L2C2 Technologies ,
and Prof. Ashok Ranjan Thakur from WBUT, dgplug started a project on computer
aided learning. We had 4 dumb terminals and one desktop working as a server,
running Fedora using LTSP and the whole content was localized in Bengali. This
one project brought back the students to the classes and created enough
enthusiasm among them. It not only made them interested in computer learning,
but also to their regular lessons of the other subjects as well. Teachers also
found computer aided learning more effective and useful to those learners who
were actually unwilling to attend regular classes.

Project blog: http://bijra.dgplug.org

Talk outline

- Introduction to Bijra project
- The school condition before the project
- Technical details of the project
- How we got the help?
- Changes it made.
- Things which went right.
- Lessons learned from the wrong steps.
- Current condition.
- How to spread the similar teaching/learning conditions to other schools.


Beginner. This talk will be particularly helpful to the FOSS community builders,
they can find out the things which worked well, and they will also find out the steps
which never worked. The contributors will also see how their work effects the life of
remote Indian students.

Hall: Seminar Hall [4th Floor] Track: Main Conference Type: Talk