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June 28, 2015, 2:50 pm

AskFedora UX/UI & Functionality Overhaul


AskFedora is a community knowledge base and support forum and designed to be the primary place for community support in Fedora. It is powered by Askbot, Django based web application. The UI and the UX for AskFedora needs overhaul to give it some uniformity with the current Fedora websites.

There may also be changes to be done in Askbot itself and have possibility of being integrated upstream. We aim to achieve results similar to what Ask Ubuntu has achieved, however Ask Ubuntu is not based on Askbot and similar theming techniques can't be applied. Discussions are open for this.

But why? Over the years of its existence, AskFedora's popularity has increased and there are 11,000+ questions that have been asked on the website and has 12,500+ contributors as of today (out of which quite a few are active). We think, it really needs to 'look good' and 'provide a better user experience' now.

Status right now: Mockups during the last Design Fedora Activity Day (FAD) 2015 were done. Checkout these blogposts[1][2] for latest updates on mockups. An openshift instance[3] has also been created and source for testing repository[4] is available for setting up your own staging instance.

Recommended prerequisites*: Front-end (HTML/CSS/JS) development, UI/UX design experience, some knowledge of Django/Python [*not mandatory]

[1] https://suchakra.wordpress.com/2015/01/20/ask-fedora-ux-redesign-updates-1
[2] https://suchakra.wordpress.com/2015/01/21/ask-fedora-ux-redesign-updates-2
[3] http://askbotstg-suchakra.rhcloud.com/questions
[4] https://github.com/fedoradesign/askbot-test

Essentially, all support infra is setup, we just need to sit together, have some coffee and start working :)

Hall: Seminar Hall [4th Floor] Track: Workshop Type: Hackfest