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June 27, 2015, 10:00 am

Kernel and Userspace Tracing with LTTng and Friends


Tracing is an important tool for diagnosing performance issues in critical applications (kernel/userspace). Sometimes debugging is just not enough as it may distort the application's flow itself. This talk shall discuss the most important features of the commonly used tracing tools (LTTng, SystemTap, Dtrace) and some surprisingly cool features they have (such as fast tracing from inside GDB).

Target Audience: Developers, sysadmins who want to have a detailed and fine-grained analysis of their applications of whole system in general

Tentative Outline
1. Introduction to Tracing
1.1 Why do I need it?
1.2 How can it benefit Fedora developers?

2 Tracing tools and their features
2.1 SystemTap/Dtrace
2.2 LTTng
2.3 GDB 's tracing infrastructure
2.4 Visualizing traces

3. Demos
3.1 Tracing with LTTng, SystemTap and even GDB!

4. Possible ways to integrate LTTng with current python projects for system-wide tracing

Sources I may be referring
1. https://suchakra.files.wordpress.com/2014/08/osfy_lttng_part_1.pdf
2. https://suchakra.files.wordpress.com/2014/08/osfy_lttng_april_2014.pdf
2. https://ctpd.dorsal.polymtl.ca/system/files/2may2012.pdf
3. http://ctpd.dorsal.polymtl.ca/system/files/11Dec2013.pdf

Prerequisites: Some knowledge of debugging/profiling tools, Linux kernel and modules

Benefits to Fedora
Tracing tools can help Fedora developers to diagnose bottlenecks and issues in their applications. For example, recently my lab-mate found this : http://multivax.blogspot.ca/2013/12/system-level-profiling-of-apt.html It's a small issue in apt-get which hits their performance. We can use such tools to have similar analysis of Fedora's infrastructure. It will also open up a way to integrate LTTng tracing infrastructure so that simple automated tools can collect traces from production systems used by Fedora developers.
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